Linux Builds

These files are distributed in accordance with AliceSoft’s royalty free declaration.

The .tar.gz files contain game directories configured for use with xsystem35-sdl2. They can be run by invoking xsystem35 in the game directory. E.g.

    cd kichikuou_en

The .AppImage files are self-contained packages that bundle the game with xsystem35-sdl2 and its dependencies. To run them, simply make them executable and run them like any other program. E.g.

    chmod +x kichikuou_en.AppImage

Save games are stored in $HOME/.xsys35/save/$GAME/.





These AppImage may be used in conjunction with the .tar.gz files above, as an alternative to installing xsystem35-sdl2 manually.

“xsystem35-sdl2-texthook” is a patched version of xsystem35 which automatically prints in-game messages to the console as well as copying them to the X clipboard. This is meant to be used as a replacement for ITHVNR in this setup.

Source Code

The scripts used to build the AppImages can be found here.