Editing .ex files

First, dump the file with the alice ex dump command as follows:

 alice ex dump -o out.x Rance10EX.ex

This will create a file named “out.x” containing all of the data structures from the file “Rance10EX.ex”.

This file uses a C-like syntax. At the top level, there should be a series of assignment statements of the form:

<type> <name> = <data>;

where <type> is one of int, float, string, table, tree and list, and <data> is an expression corresponding to the type of data. <name> is just a name, and may be surrounded in quotation marks if the name contains special characters.

Once you’ve finished editing out.x, you can rebuild the .ex file using the following command:

alice ex build -o out.ex out.x

This takes the data from the file “out.x” (which you have just edited) and builds the .ex file “out.ex”. You can then replace the .ex file in your game directory with this file.

If you are building a file for a game older than Evenicle (e.g. Rance 01) you should pass the “–old” flag to the command. E.g.

alice ex build -o out.ex --old out.x

Splitting the dump into multiple files

If the -s,–split option is passed to exdump, the .ex file will be dumped to multiple files (one per top-level data structure). E.g.

alice ex dump -o out.x -s Rance10EX.ex

After running this command, there should be a number of .x files created in the current directory containing the data from “Rance10EX.ex”. The file “out.x” should contain a list of #include "..." directives which will stitch the full dump back together when rebuilding with exbuild.